Greg SpencerHello, and welcome to the website of
Trinity United Methodist Church!
Thank you for coming!

We are a strong faith community located in the hills along the beautiful Allegheny River, not far from Pittsburgh, in the community known as Brackenridge, PA.

Trinity is an active faith community, caring for God, each other, and the greater community. We offer numerous programs and activities for Children, Adults and Families. We provide a variety of worship and bible study experiences, small groups, and service opportunities, and we are active in caring for those In need, both near and far.
We invite you to check out this site, visit our worship, connect with us on Facebook, and try any of our activities and events. We are here for everyone, and our joy is sharing the love of Jesus Christ, and our own with you. See how this is the church with the warm heart of Jesus Christ.

We hope to see you soon!