A donation center will be part of Moving Mountains Mission to Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala. In order to make the donation center as productive and meaningful as possible, a list of desired items is listed below.
Please only bring items that are new or very gently used. Stained or ripped items will not be distributed.
Garage sales, rummage sales, family and friends can be great resources for items. Typically, we have around 450 children going through the donation center in Santa Maria each year. Our goal is to give approximately equal valued items to all children. In order to have an equal distribution of items, we ask that you collect a variety of sizes for both boys and girls when you are gathering donations.

Guatemala 2019 Needed Donations

All donations are for children ages 5 through 18:
Sizes child 4 through adult medium are accepted.

#1 Priority-Children’s shoes:
Children’s sizes, from child size 8
up through adult size 8.
Sneakers – both boys and girls
School-type shoes are also priority
**Please no flip-flops or high heels

#2 Priority Children’s Clothes
Sweatshirts and jackets
Fleece jackets
Sweaters (Cardigan style – not fashion)
Jeans –boys and girls
Shirts/tops – boys and girls
Athletic wear (for gym class – wind pants – black,
navy, red, or gray – plain with no designs)
New Underwear and socks, bras
Please NO: shorts, swimsuits, tank tops,
crop-tops, skirts, dresses, winter
coats, stained or ripped clothes
Health Needs
children’s chewable vitamins
adult vitamins
Tylenol/acetaminophen (economy size)
Advil/ibuprofen (economy size)
Toiletries – avoid large, economy sized items:
Wash cloths/hand towels (no bath towels)
Shampoo (small bottles/or samples)
Toothbrushes/Combs/hair brushes
If you have specific questions about donations, please contact
Lisa Keller (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

School Supplies:
(Teachers are very specific about their needs)
Packs of 12 markers
Permanent Markers
Dry Erase Markers
30 cm Rulers
Masking Tape 1” and 2”
Rounded Scissors
Colored Pencils 12 Colors
Paint Brushes
Miscellaneous Donations
Hair ties, barrettes, etc
Bouncy balls
Small trucks, cars, “happy meal” toys
Spanish Bibles

**Please note: We are also collecting monetary
donations to purchase some of the heavier, more
difficult things to pack – such as soap, toothpaste,
etc. These items are actually easy to acquire in
Guatemala, and easier to buy there than transport
**We are also collecting money to purchase
some shoes in Guatemala for the “hard to fit”
sizes in American shoes
**In order to make our donation's center run
smoothly, we ask that you remove all price tags,
hangers, and packaging before you pack. Shoes
should be paired and mates tied or taped
together. New packs of socks and undies should
have cardboard and plastic tabs removed. Likesized
socks and underwear can be zip-locked and
labeled with the correct size on the outside of the